Last week stretch

I have been under a rock this past week. But I’ve emerged today in the glorious sunshine of opportunity!!

Last Thursday I went to a writers conference and was deeply inspired to write more, and not just these, bc, well obviously that wasn’t working anyways (sorry). I’ve been writing my stories. I finished my 101 Things to do with Bamboo article. I started on some of my excerpts for Poach Eggs, Not Rhinos. And working on aspects of EarthFit.

Monday was a special day. Very bittersweet for me. I gave my notice to the zoo. My last day will be April 18th. The following Saturday Chris and I will be packing up a U-haul and moving to Portland. Part of my anxiety has been assuming we will be moving to Portland without me having a job. We’ve sorted things out that a job isn’t NECESSARY, but it’s always a relief to have that income. So of course I’ve been a little anxious.

But I received great news this week: I got called for an interview at Oregon Zoo.

So yesterday I drove down after work and today I sat down with a couple of curators to talk about a position with marine animals and cats and bears. I met with the keepers of the area and they were all incredibly welcoming and excited. I also met with the curator of elephants and he showed me their brand new elephant facility they are still in the process of building. It’s like an airplane hangar….for elephants. It’s insane.

I feel very positive, but we’ll find out for certain next week.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy, but so full of opportunity!

I don’t just grab my dreams by the horns, I look them square in the eyes and shout “you’re all mine, bitches!”!

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