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This is a very personal post. I was asked to share a little about my journey in fitness to really show how we are ALL vulnerable. I’m very lucky to have someone in my life that is so incredibly supportive, but it took me a while to realize it.

I’ve been married for 14 years as of today. I can’t believe that, now. There were many times I believe both of us didn’t think we were going to last. We almost didn’t last. It’s because of Chris’ true loyalty and commitment that our story had a happier ending.
I think the main reason we weren’t doing well was because neither of us were satisfied with what was going on with our own lives. How could we be happy with each other if we weren’t happy with ourselves? How could we love each other if we didn’t love ourselves?healty-lifestyle-healthy-marriage-2
We had hit an all time low in New Orleans, and we had moved back home to South Carolina to work things out, or at least try to work things out. Couples therapy helped a little, I think. There’s nothing wrong with getting outside help. It shows some level of commitment, I think. But it didn’t solve the problems we were having. Because we still weren’t happy with ourselves.
Then we decided to move to the NorthWest. It again wasn’t the solution, but looking back on our decision to come out here, it was one of the smartest moves we’ve made, and it was better because we honestly made it together. Seattle suited us well. The weather and climate, politically, socially, and environmentally, were a perfect fit for us. But while we began to become comfortable with our surroundings and love everything around us, we still hadn’t solved the problem within ourselves.healty-lifestyle-healthy-marriage-3
Then Chris changed the game. He joined a CrossFit box and started going pretty regularly. I didn’t notice the psychological changes nearly as quickly as the physical changes, but they were both there. Chris got stupid hot! I mean, ridiculously hot, and it seemed to happen overnight. Suddenly I looked at him in a whole new light. And then I immediately recognized it wasn’t just his physical appearance, it was his attitude as well. He had way more confidence in himself than I’ve ever sensed.
Seeing this change in Chris inspired me, narcissistically and realistically. There was a part of me that got just a little worried. With Chris’ new physique, how would he start to look at me, out of shape, overweight, and unhealthy? And I knew I had to make changes.healty-lifestyle-healthy-marriage-4
I joined a weight loss challenge and I had some powerful motivators- wanting to look at hot as Chris, wanting to win the competition, and wanting to impress a lot of people- my trainer, my co-workers, and friends. Those motivators empowered me to give 120% every day to achieve my goals. I didn’t just make those goals, I crushed them! I won the challenge and made tons of new friends in the process. But the greatest achievement was a new outlook on my life and my well-being. I started piecing together several ideas that would lead to EarthFit. I continued working out to achieve new goals. And then something remarkable happened. Chris and I joined together in our journeys.
We saw the accomplishments in ourselves and in each other. We shared our triumphs. We supported each other through our tribulations. His strength became my strength. My stamina became his stamina. We found a new love with each other, but that love was intensified by our love with ourselves. We began to shine that love, too.
Is every day perfect with rainbows and unicorns? No. I get short tempered with Chris and he still gets annoyed with my lack of organization. But we respect each other, and that respect started with getting fit.
Getting fit does more than just your body good. It is refreshment for your psyche and soul. It will bring you from the depths of depression and lift you higher than you can imagine. And it creates a cycle of beauty that can be seen by anyone that comes to know you. You won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll love the way you feel, think, and look. And others won’t be able to resist getting to know you.
It’s such a pleasure to share these experiences with the man I love.
Here’s to 14 plus 14 plus 14 more incredible years of love, life, and fitness.
I love you, Bunny!

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