Happy Easter, From ZooFit

Want to celebrate Easter in a healthy way? Make your Easter Egg Hunt a fun workout!

I came up with my Easter Egg Hunt workout after finding some plastic eggs at a thrift store. It’s a great way to celebrate Easter, but also fun to do all summer long.

  1. Collect about 25 plastic Easter eggs (I’m being specific because this won’t work for the hard-boiled type. I mean, you can try, but I just don’t see how).
  2. Write different exercises you like on strips of paper. You can come up with 5 exercises which are repeated, or come up with 25 different ones. It’s up to you. Whatever is more fun to you.
  3. Fold them up and place a strip in each of your eggs.
  4. Place eggs around a large perimeter. It can be in a large field or playground, or inside a gym. They don’t have to be hidden, necessarily.
  5. Start by choosing a random exercise for the group to do. One member goes off to find an egg and return to the group. Open the egg and start performing the exercise written down. The next person in the group finds another egg. The rest of the group keeps doing the exercise for the duration of time it takes to find the next egg.

Of course, this works best with a group, but it can be done with a partner or even by yourself. If alone or with a partner, do the exercise for a set amount of time and then go find another egg.

The Easter Egg Hunt has been an instant hit with my workout groups for a few years. This spring, let it be a hit with your group as well. Make working out fun, and it won’t be work. Turn it from a chore into something you cherish.

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