Gratitude List, Week 4

Not wanting to end my streak of writing a gratitude list after 4 weeks, I waited until the last day to accomplish it.

Brian Johnson from Optimize Me (get used to me referencing him) talks about more than just gratitude for things in your life, we should also celebrate other people’s accomplishments and ways they have helped.  That is, supposedly, a deeper form of gratitude.

  1. I am way out of touch with a lot of folks, but there are several good friends who went above and beyond to represent my over-committed and home-body self this past weekend and participated in the Women’s March.  I should have gone, and what I saw online was remarkable, but I was a little intimidated by the thought of such huge crowds, and I was scared off by unsubstantiated reports of people possibly inciting violence at these marches.  I know many many women who attended these marches throughout the country, and I wanted to acknowledge as many as possible:  Stephanie in Sacramento, Mary in Madison, WI, Vanessa in Bellingham, Michele, and many others that I’m not recognizing in Seattle, and a special shout out to Karen and Ann who each attended the Women’s March in DC.  I am so so so proud of all of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  2. I’m very proud of my Best Self class I’m teaching- Dale and Rachel are my participants.  They have committed to 6 weeks of attending grueling and challenging workouts 3 days a week, sticking to a strict meal plan, logging their food daily, and weekly weigh-ins.  They have been sore and tired this week, but very optimistic, and THEY KEEP COMING BACK!  These 6 weeks will test them, but they are dedicated and hopeful and I know they are going to love their results!
  3. Chris, as always, I am eternally grateful for his continued support for my endeavors.  He is supportive not just emotionally, but literally supporting me as he works so I can spend all our money on groceries, conferences, gas to travel to and from my writing groups, and working out.  He does his Three W’s consistently and diligently.  He inspired me to create my CREW (Creativity, Research, Eating Well, and Workout).  And he’s awesome.  And hot.  He’s really hot!

And I’ll give a shout-out to my landlord.  Yes, I have an amazing landlord!  UH-MAZE-ZING!  I went to deliver her mail that I picked up.  Two glasses of wine later, I left with fresh eggs and a new book to read, Elizabeth Warren’s “A Fighting Chance”. Who else’s landlord DOES that?!?!

I do feel celebrating others’ successes as much as my own is helpful and productive, but I feel that I’m not doing enough recognizing.  Maybe I should continue this exercise and see if I LOOK for opportunities to celebrate others.


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