Why call them “man-makers”? This exercise will challenge anyone, because anyone can care about animals, but it takes someone special to be a zookeeper!

Start by standing with a medicine ball. Squat down, like you are doing a burpee and place ball on ground. Jump feet back to plank position.  Do an uneven push-up on your medicine ball. Switch arms and do another uneven push-up on the other side. Jump back to a crouch, pick up medicine ball, and bring it to your shoulder in a squat (called a squat clean). Stand up and bring your ball over your head. Keeping your elbows close to your ears, bend the elbows to bring the medicine ball behind the head in a tricep move called a skull-crusher.

Basically, you are doing multiple exercises in one-

  1. Burpee
  2. Uneven Push-up
  3. Uneven Push-up
  4. Squat clean
  5. Med Ball Press
  6. Skullcrusher

That’s one repetition. Jump back to your crouch to start your second rep. We’ll make a zookeeper out of you yet!

You can do this with dumbbells instead of a medicine ball, but instead of uneven push-ups, do a renegade row, push-up, renegade row, push-up before coming up for a clean and press.