Exercise Guide

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. Fun games aren’t just for kids. Make exercise your favorite part of your day by turning it into adult recess, where you can be a kid at heart. Put the fun in functional fitness and turn your workout into something you cherish.

“How can I take great care of the animals if I’m not taking basic care of myself?”

From Intro to ZooFit Exercise Guide 

About The Exercise Guide

Change your exercise program from a chore into something you cherish.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a loathsome, boring activity. In fact, with ZooFit, exercise can be the highlight of your day. With engaging workouts and natural animal-themed movements, we train positive and meet our fitness goals. 

Enrich your workout routine, make it more exciting, and never dread another workout again. Experience the joy of working hard but having fun, get in shape with a smile on your face.

The Basics and Stretches

Get to know the basics and prepare for a good workout with proper warm-up, stretching, and good form.


Learn how the animals move to strengthen every part of your body, from arms, legs, and everything in-between.

Conservation Hero WODs

Learn about heroes who gave their all to promote conservation, and then honor them with a special workout dedicated to their particular area of expertise.

Workout Games

Life’s too short not to enjoy your workout. With these games, you will think of exercise as your recess, and enjoy them again and again.

What People Are Saying

“I can say experientially that the ZooFit Exercise Guide is a fun way to get and stay fit! The comprehensive instructions and detailed photographs make it a handy, user-friendly reference.”

Lori Buchanan, author of Note to Self

“Welcome to ZooFit. Where we eat clean, live green, and train positive. Have fun with your fitness and let the best version of yourself shine through.”

From Intro of ZooFit Exercise Guide

Put the “FUN” in Functional Fitness!

How the Exercise Guide Works


Read through the Basics and Stretches

Prepare for your workout with proper warm-up and stretching. Have more fun getting mentally prepared as you stretch and move in a relaxed pace just like the animals.


Pick your workout

Do you want to go on a daring adventure with a Conservation Hero, or play games in your version of recess? Choose your workout and let’s get started.


Familiarize yourself with the movements

Each exercise within the workouts is listed and organized by the muscle group it works. Look them over, practice the form, and make modifications as necessary.


Have FUN!

Now it’s playtime! Keep track of your favorite workouts and exercises. Create your own workouts. Want to make it more interesting and creative? Grab a pack of Animal Exercise Cards and make your own games with ZooFit.


Take your fitness to the next level. Join the ZooFit Tribe by joining the ZooFit Safari Challenge!

“Life’s too short not to enjoy your fitness.”

From page 87 ZooFit Exercise Guide