Dash for the Crash

May 5 2021 to May 9, 2021

In honor of Cinco de Rhino (May 5) where we celebrate and honor the last 5 species of rhinos, Puget Sound AAZK is hosting a Virtual 5K Race- Dash for the Crash (the name for a group of rhinos). Walk, run, skip, crawl, or rhino charge your way to 3.1 miles. Celebrate Cinco de Rhino or run “with” ZooFit Safari Challenge participants on May 8th.

Find more information and sign-up yourself at Dash for the Crash 

ZooFit Safari Challenge

April 4 at 5 pm (Pacific Time)- May 9

What is your best way to eat clean, live green, and train positive? Find out on this 5-week epic adventure. The challenge includes registration to a Virtual 5K for conservation, live coaching calls and workouts, weekly workshops, and access to exclusive Masterclasses, cooking demos, and more. Sign up today! We’ll see you on April 4th!

Conservation Fitness Free Webinar

March 23 at 6:30 pm (Pacific Time)

ZooFit is leading the way in a new revolution to make conservation a way of life for everyone. What makes ZooFit unique is we show others the true health benefits of helping the planet. Heal the planet, and meet your fitness and wellness goals through Conservation Fitness! Discover more about the main pillar of ZooFit in this free webinar, as well as ways to implement this program to become an Unstoppable Eco-Warrior. 

Email PJ at pj@zoofit.net to register and receive the Zoom Link and workbook.