Eco-Wellness, a New Cornerstone to ZooFit

I’ve been looking into a new aspect of ZooFit, which is often ignored by other programs. Maybe not all of them, but it’s incredibly rare to see hygiene, stress relief, and other wellness topics in a fitness program.

I realized how important overall wellness is to our fitness in October, and then again earlier this year. In October, my husband was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Despite all our healthy eating, working out, and taking care of ourselves on our own, we weren’t going to the doctor regularly. We ignored small warning signals something was wrong, because what the hell? We were healthy.

The experience with Chris showed me how important it is to remain connected to your overall health and wellness, even when you are a fit person. I immediately made an appointment to have a physical.

ZooFit means taking care of our entire selves, mind, body, inside and out. Living on an island is a little limiting for finding a great relationship with my doctor, but I am working on it.

Earlier this year, I went in for a dental cleaning, and discovered I have some severe issues with some of my teeth. I am seeing a periodontist, and it is likely I may need to have a couple teeth extracted. Was this something I did to myself? Do I just have fucked up teeth? I don’t know. I know my teeth were never a priority in my life before. But this has taught me that fitness is not just a eating healthy, working out thing. It’s all-encompassing.

Many workout programs touch base on drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. I want to point out the importance of those as well, but also show the environmental impact our healthy habits- water, sleep, stress relief, health, hygiene, and wellness have on the environment.

I have been studying ways to Green Your Hygiene, with wasteless shampoo and conditioner bars, soaps without palm oil in them (yes, I swear, palm oil is in EVERYTHING), and even greening up your oral hygiene. It’s a learning process, and I discover new and better ways to take care of my body, inside and out, every day.

I’ve also been looking into stress-relief. I’ve seen several studies on pets and their effect on our stress levels. Turns out pets are good for our health, and I really want to discuss this further as I find out more on the subject as well.

I’m considering looking into alternative, holistic medicine for my wellness and health needs, even though it isn’t covered under our insurance. Because my experience with most doctors recently has left me feeling ignored as an individual. Telling me “You’re getting old, you should expect to not do squats” when I complain about my knees is not helpful. I am eager to share some of those insights with my readers as well.

This is a big deal for me, and I hope some of these topics interest you as well. ZooFit is about Living Green, with an emphasis on LIVING. Let’s discover some great ways to get well, and take care of the planet.

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  1. YES, it’s all about living and not playing the “I’m too old” card all the time, or getting told that your too old. That’s BS, I’ve seen 70 year olds run a triathlon, and masters kick butt at the CrossFit games. Keep moving, don’t give up and keep living.

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