Cuddle Therapy

Cuddle Therapy is an important component of ZooFit as it promotes healthy wellness and has a positive influence on our ecological behavior. It improves our compassion towards each other, and towards other species.

And it explains why I’m getting stressed out right now. Because I haven’t seen my Cuddle Therapists in a long time.

There is a lot of research showing having pets helps us humans live longer, healthier lives. I mean, they aren’t going to prevent kidney disease or knee issues, but I believe they make my life better. It’s hard to be worried about things when a cat is purring softly in your lap. Even if that cat weighs fifteen pounds.

But there’s more to the cuddles than just cuteness. Petting our companion animals releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. What’s more, pets release the same hormone when we love on them.

I knew it couldn’t just be me. Whenever I’m smothering, I mean, loving affectionately, on The Kid, my heart seems to skim beats and I get a rush of warmth all over. I never understood what was going on, but it’s the love hormone. 

What’s more, my cat loves me back.

I’ve known this for a while. It’s hard not to anthropomorphize our pets. We know them so well. And my scientific mind fought with me to admit The Kid shows love. But he does.

I am like Elmira with my kitties. I can’t help it. They are so cute and soft and perfect. Sully doesn’t stand it as well, and will squirm out of my arms and somewhere else he is more comfortable. But Kiddy lets me. What’s more, Kiddy purrs while I’m doing it.

But I know he hates me smothering him. Whenever we do something he doesn’t like, Kiddy stares at a place he would rather be and licks his lips. When I apply his ear medication, he looks at the door and licks his lips. When he’s on my lap and Chris sits down, he looks over at Chris and licks his lips.

Kiddy does tend to lick his lips when I get all smothery with him. And I do smother him. But he just takes it. He starts purring and lets me get all my kisses and squeals of joy out. Once he is certain I’m done, then and only then does he get up and walk away.

We have had the chance to visit home twice while we’ve been away with Chris recuperating. On both occasions, the cats would not leave us alone. They aren’t love starved, our landlord is taking care of them. But she is not Mom or Dad to them.

Chris and I don’t have children. We have cats. Having cats makes us happy, healthier, and less stressed. 


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