Conservation Fitness Program: End of Week 2

Today ended Keto week, and I already have started my preparations for Week 3, Paleo. It’s interesting how much I am looking forward to Paleo after Keto. Probably has a lot to do with my level of experience with both of them.

I won’t mind giving Keto another shot, but next time, not focusing so much on only cutting carbs. I can incorporate more green leaf veggies, olive oil, and healthy ketogenic foods. And working on not focusing on the calories or the fat content, just eat what is healthy and good for me.

I also contend with my husband, who does have huge limitations due to his condition, and his pickiness. Only recently did he discover he didn’t mind avocados, but his taste for most dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese, and especially mayonnaise has not changed. For the record, I hate mayo too. But unless it’s mixed heavily with other ingredients and he can’t tell the dairies are in the meal, Chris doesn’t like them. So, my keto snack with avocado and cottage cheese doesn’t appeal to him. My homemade ranch (well besides being WAY too heavy on the garlic) was not to his liking.

While trying to do Keto properly, I found it difficult to manage my protein to just moderate levels. I was over most days, and only hit it perfectly once or twice. But my carbs were way down.

It’s not the first time we’ve tried Keto, but it’s still a new process for me. I’ve decided that after this challenge, I’m going to incorporate a Keto Day into our weekly meal plan, to encourage me to explore and learn how to play with healthy Keto recipes and make them exciting and eco-friendly.

My comfort with Paleo stems from doing several fitness challenges with CrossFit. Paleo and CrossFit go together like bread and butter. Oh wait, CrossFitters don’t eat bread or butter… Like Romeo and Juliet…no that’s not right either, they both died. I’ll think of it.

And because I have a lot of experience with Paleo, like vegetarian diet, I have tons of recipes and great tips for people to enjoy. So, I felt much more at ease preparing the trail mixes last night and the Caveman Candy this morning.

Last day of Keto:

Breakfast: Keto Snack of cottage cheese and avocado
Lunch: Croque Madame- not too shabby, but still took a little while to prepare
Dinner: Went out to eat in Bellingham- I did not follow Keto, but had the fondue with broccoli and apples and I will not apologize

Workout- Greenbank run with Sloth Army

Today was kind of like the rest of the week, feeling like a bit of a loss. We went to Bellingham again to try out a writing group, only to find out once we got there it wasn’t happening because of another event taking place at the bookstore. Two strikes, and I’m done. Maybe this is a great writing group, or maybe it’s fully dysfunctional, but I won’t find out until we actually move to Bellingham next year.

Weight- went right back up to 185…
All other measurements have stayed the same.


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