Conservation Fitness Program, Day 28: This is the End

Whew, I made it. Barely. It’s the end of the path, and now I’m turning off the road and heading down the highway.

That’s actually what I hope it will be like for many people after finishing the program. Like the training wheels are off, and they are free to take what they’ve learned and apply it to their lives.

This is how I envision my clients at the end of the journey:

“You know, I didn’t like eating all that cheese and eggs while on Keto. But I tell you what, the avocado and olive oil were perfect for me!”

“I can’t eat just a strict vegetarian diet every day for the rest of my life. But I love practicing Meatless Monday, and possibly even an animal-friendly weekend, too.”

“My favorite meal in this entire plan was the oatmeal  breakfasts, but I like how I felt on the Paleo diet. Maybe in the morning, I will make my oatmeal, and then the rest of the day I will go grain and dairy-free.”

“I never experienced Keto before. It always seemed way too restrictive. But after our week on Keto, I felt full of energy, had no cravings, and slept like a baby. I think I’m going to try Keto for a full month and see how I feel after that.”

For me, this is what I learned from my trial:

  • I do not feed my husband enough. Either that or he has a tapeworm…
  • Processed sugar and me are not friends, nor will we ever be friends. Caving to the sugar monster does me no favors, and makes it harder to make good eating decisions later.
  • Yup, still don’t like Keto. However, when I am craving foods which are high in sugar, switching to high healthy fats for a few days may help with those cravings and keep me eating on a healthy trend.
  • I talk a lot- and sometimes about nothing.

This coming week is Thanksgiving (and my birthday). So I am taking the week off, getting some more photos of foods, and then getting right back into it for the holidays.

The reason I’m going back to it for the holidays is part of my grand scheme. I want people to be able to practice this program anytime. It makes it completely sustainable. One of my biggest complaints about Whole30 is they urge people NOT to do the program during the holidays, as you can’t sustain it. It’s only 30 days, and  they recognize their program is too restrictive for people to succeed during the holiday season. I want people to use my program as a template to help them NAVIGATE the holidays. Not to see it as a “Oh, I can’t have that”, but to give them healthier alternatives, and a different perspective on food.

What we eat matters. It matters to us, and it matters to the planet. I know this meal plan is a great way to get people excited about conservation fitness. So, I will keep perfecting it and present a great program to the community and the world.


Breakfast- Bread Pudding
Lunch- Leftover polenta
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash Primavera
Snack: A little hummus

Workout: Sloth Army run

Measurements: Not a huge change…
Weight: 180.4 (and that’s with an off day yesterday, so I’ll take it!). That’s 4 and 1/2 pounds down.
Waist-  Beginning- 39 inches Today: 38.75- okay, I might have been at 38.75 before I rounded up. Not sure. But it’s my victory
Hips- 42    Today: 42.5
Upper arm- 11.5 (left)   Today: 12 (that’s good! means I built muscle?)
Thigh- 22    Today: 22
Calf- 15.5    Today: 15.5
Chest- 39    Today: 39

Overall, I’m pretty happy with myself. And the program. Still playing with some names. Still want to do some videos- workout videos, cooking videos, and informational videos. And of course, I need beta testers. Anyone want to try out the program the beginning of the year?

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