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Add Some Pumpkin to Spice Your Life

Halloween may be a few weeks away, but the pumpkins are already popping up on people’s doorsteps. So this is the perfect time to share ideas for this fun winter

What Simone Biles Can Teach Us About Self-Care

I have to admit, I’m not much of a sports enthusiast. But gymnastics has always fascinated me. Have you seen some of the moves they do nowadays? I think gymnasts

Lessons from the Animal Kingdom: Zookeeper Edition

In the third week of July, zoos around the country celebrate their hardest working, most dedicated employees– the zookeepers. It’s National Zookeeper Week, and I felt it would be neat

Making World Chocolate Day Something to Celebrate

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with sustainable chocolate Today is World Chocolate Day! World Chocolate Day?!?! This is a perfect chance to share one of my favorite and meaningful ideas from

Soybean Oil- Here We Go Again

Previously, on ZooFit Soybean oil is far from a new product, we have been using it for decades. But research (independent research not funded by the Food Industry) is showing

Soybean Oil is the New Palm Oil

Earlier this year, I had a discussion with a very knowledgeable coach about what to do when faced with a choice between virtues and values (and now that I’m reflecting

Pride Month in the Animal Kingdom

June has quite a few animal themed holidays throughout the month. For starters, it’s known as Our World Oceans Month with World Oceans Day celebrated on June 8. There is

Eating Positive

As summer descends upon us, and I’m not NEARLY as close to my beach body as I was last year, I decided it was a great time to add another

Queen of Play

In one of my coaching forums, our fearless leader urged participants to come up with some ways to add play into our day. I was actually quite shocked at how

Dash for the Crash on Cinco de Rhino

Cinco de Rhino May 5th is known in many circles as Cinco de Mayo (okay, most circles), but to many zookeepers, it’s Cinco de Rhino. This is the perfect time to host

Resiliency and Self-Care

There are so many things on my mind right now, ideas floating around me like little gnats. Sometimes an idea sticks around long enough for me to write it down

World Water Day: Celebrating Life

Oh, Life. I love where it takes me most of the time. Other times, it drags me into rabbit holes. Which are fun adventures in and of themselves, but perhaps

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