Eating Green During the Apocalypse

As our country slowly (and hopefully not prematurely) opens, this ZooFit tip may seem a little late to the party. Eating Green during the Apocalypse? Wasn’t that, like, last month? Restaurants are preparing to invite guests back, but there are many people who still find themselves eating at home. They have been thrust in a quest they never thought they would embark on. Cooking. At home.

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Conservation Fitness Program, Day 10- Healthy Halloween

I knew when I started this practice session of Conservation Fitness that it would be hard to stay on the meal plan at the end of October. I did it last year, when I tried the Whole30. Believe it or not, it’s not Halloween which is hard to resist tempting food. It’s what comes AFTER Halloween for me that makes it hard to resist. Read More “Conservation Fitness Program, Day 10- Healthy Halloween”

Conservation Fitness Program, Week 2- Keto Diet/Meal Prep

Moving right along with my trial program, today was my first day of the Keto diet. Keto refers to the state of ketosis your body enters where instead of burning carbs for energy, you burn fat. You accomplish this by producing ketones in the liver to be used for energy. Lowering the amount of carbs you intake reduces the glucose and insulin and means fat is used instead of being stored in the body. Read More “Conservation Fitness Program, Week 2- Keto Diet/Meal Prep”