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ZooFit 101- Fundamentals of Conservation (Part 2)

We’ve come to the end of ZooFit 101. In this last class on the Fundamentals of Conservation, we see more of how the fundamentals for our health and well-being are

ZooFit 101- The Fundamentals of Conservation (Part 1)

The last couple of posts, I’ve shared the big ideas I’ve learned from the Optimize Program over the past two years. Condensing it down wasn’t easy, but this part was

ZooFit 101- Changing Behavior to Change the World

Condensing my thoughts into several big ideas I’ve learned the past two years as an Optimize Coach has been difficult. Especially when I love to go on tangents about how

ZooFit 101- A Hero’s Guide to Optimize Yourself for the Planet

In 2019, my husband Chris and I embarked on a journey together through the Optimize program. To share what Optimize does in a sentence would never do it justice, but

Lessons from a Tiger

Starting my ZooFit for kids program called Wildlife Wednesdays has opened my eyes to many possibilities. A possible book, classes on Outschool and Teachers of Nature, and a new weekly
Do It Scared

Zoo-Notable: Do It Scared

“Fear is a very real and active part of my life. I’m scared of heights and of looking like a fool…Always afraid people aren’t going to like me, or that

Celebrate Yourself to Build Healthy Habits

Dear ZooFit readers, Since I’ve been pretty busy with ZooFit Safari, I asked a fellow Optimize Coach to help a sister out. Thankfully, Chris Loper, creator of happily obliged.

Zoo-notable: Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being coached not once, but twice by Hal Elrod this past year. But before I even knew who Hal Elrod was, I listened to

Running or Walking: Distance over Time

It’s a common debate among fitness enthusiasts. Running or walking. Which is actually “better”?

Going Back to Kindergarten: Start Again Without Starting Over

Let me tell you how rocky last month was for me. Late nights, uncontrollable snacking, lack of motivation to do my exercises, and lack of focus during my meditation. I

Zoo-notable: A Year of Living Kindly

Attending the Pacific Northwest Writers Association last year provided me the opportunity to meet a wonderful author by the name of Donna Cameron. We were paired up in an ice-breaker

What Can I Do About the Wildfires?

I have to admit, I am beginning to feel a little like a broken record. Last year at this time, we were concerned about the Amazon rainforest fires. In January,

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