Burpee-ary (it’s like February, but with Burpees)

I am the only person who will find this title hilarious. If I’m not, you are my soul-mate, and we need to meet in real life.

The shortest month of the year is nearly upon us. Celebrate with fitness, and fun. Celebrate Burpee-ary!

All month, I will post on social media the burpee of the day. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the number of burpees for your experience level. Beginners do 10 each day, Intermediate do 20, and Advanced, we all get to do 28 burpees every day.

Some are hard- like Beast Mode Burpees, Zoomaker Burpees, and Burpee Pull-ups. Others make burpees more fun, like Zookeeper Burpees, Beeline Burpees, and Burpee Free Throws. I haven’t figured out the entire schedule, because honestly, I have 34 variations, and only 28 days.

So, if you want to join the Burpee-ary challenge, follow me on Twitter @earth_fit, Facebook @PJBeaven orĀ  my ZooFit facebook group @earthfitnow. Videos will be posted every morning. Follow along, have some fun, and love your burpees.

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