EarthFit: Awakening the Passion for Fitness and Conservation

There is an incredible amount of passion residing within me. It seems obvious that I would have such strong infatuation for animals and nature, given my career of choice. A hankering for these particular areas were awoken and nurtured from an early age. Growing up, I jumped at every opportunity to increase my knowledge and experience with wildlife and their environments. As my admiration for nature grew, so did a third, very prominent obsession: conservation. The more I learned about my favorite animals, and the more I studied nature, the more I wanted to do everything in my power to protect both. More than one person can relate to this story, I’m sure. Read More “EarthFit: Awakening the Passion for Fitness and Conservation”

Winnie Memorial

I can’t remember exactly how old Winnie was when I picked her up from my co-worker’s place.  She was just a scroungy little kitten though. Gorgeous tortoise shell coloration, long hair, and piercing gold eyes. I wasn’t allowed to have cats at the apartment I was then renting, but Winnie wasn’t my cat anyway.  I put her in a crate with a towel, placed her in the front seat of my car, and started the 8 hour car ride back to South Carolina.   Read More “Winnie Memorial”

Letter to Animal Rights

I recognize that debating with the animal rights agenda is incredibly frustrating, for both sides. I often wish I could wave a magic wand and instantly have the anti-zoo folks see things from my point of view, and that I could see things from theirs.

It does seem to me that emotions run rampant in discussions about the validity of having zoos.  I would like to share some of my thoughts on zoos but I would like to try to focus more on the science, if it’s possible.  My emotions often get the better of me, especially in these circumstances, but there is a lot of information out in the universe that can help people come to a much more informed decision. Read More “Letter to Animal Rights”

A Good Day

After being in a slump for a couple weeks, I finally had a breakthrough kind of day. A great day actually. The perfect kind of day I needed to get back on my fitness/writing/learning/motivated horse and take off running again (well, not me running, let’s not get too crazy!) Read More “A Good Day”

An honest critique of OrangeTheory Fitness

For the past two weeks, Chris and I had a free trial for a new fitness facility that is opening in Beaverton called Orange Theory Fitness. It will be the first one to open in Oregon and I was really glad I had the opportunity to try it out (more than once) to see what it would entail. I also wanted to give an honest and thorough review of this facility to practice some critiquing and put some of my fitness evaluating to use. For my Seattle friends, I do believe there is one or two opening in the area, and this review might help you decide if you’d like to check it out. Read More “An honest critique of OrangeTheory Fitness”