BINGO Bootcamp

Today we did one of my favorite workouts- BINGO Bootcamp!  I love variety and games incorporated into my routines, so this really hits the nail on the head in both those categories.

BINGO bootcamp board

Usually when I do BINGO, we incorporate some fun cardiovascular short duration activity for when we get our five in a row.  When we would work out at Wanda Peck Memorial Park, the playground was perfect for our BINGOs.  We would swing across the monkey bars to the slide and slide down climb up the ladder and slide down the other slide.

Wanda Peck Memorial Park

So, when I started planning BINGO Bootcamp for today at Schiffler Park, I assumed that we would do BINGO around that playground as well.


Schiffler park is a lot bigger with a lot more amenities (like a tucked away area not many people use, and a large basketball court, and bathrooms, and covered shelter), but the playground is not as adult friendly as Wanda Peck.  So, in an improvisation, I decided when we got five in a row, we would run the 400 meter trail around the meadow.  Which, if you were looking for a “fun” and “exciting” and “playful” activity to celebrate BINGO, running would NOT be it for me or Chris.

schiffler park playground

In the end, we did 6 or 7 laps, and completed the entire BINGO Bootcamp in about 55 minutes.  I don’t know exactly how long because my stupid Pact app would quit working every 5 minutes or so and stop registering my movements.

bingo bootcamp at schiffler park

One of my trademarks with BINGO is to make each letter a muscle group or category of exercise.  So, B was Arms, it was Animal-themed Cardio, N was Abs, G was Glutes, and O was Total Body.  I have pre-made cards with the numbers on them, and Chris and I take turns drawing a card to see what our next exercise will be.

In the past, whenever I do BINGO, I try to vary the intensity and challenge.  Sometimes the side numbers are set at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 reps.  Today I tried to come up with some exercises that would be somewhat easy, but having to do a larger number would create a greater challenge, as we were doing reps of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

I will also admit this workout is exponentially better with two or more people.  Not that it can’t be done alone, but it’s not nearly as fun.  But if you have the chance, you should definitely try it.  You might understand why BINGO Bootcamp is my favorite workout by far!

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