Beyond 100 Ways- The Next Chapter

100 Days, 100 Ways of EarthFit.  Not exactly what I envisioned when I started my 100 day challenge, but I accomplished a lot during that time.  It was without a doubt an amazing exercise that has developed into a habit, at least I hope.  

In the past 100 days, we have moved to an island filled with strong communities for local activism, art, writing, and more.  I have created some killer workouts. bingo I’ve read some fantastic books.  what-color-is-your-parachuteI have made some incredible dishes. hawaiian chicken I have gotten involved with two of the greatest fitness facilities on the island.  I am developing EarthFit and my books more and more.  I have met some amazing people (Adam from Vibrant Fitness and Lara from South Island Crossfit, Tom, Donna, and Dot from the new WOWI, Sammye from Deception Pass, Elizabeth from St. Huberts,  just to name a small few).    I have found a direction and path to take to help me achieve some of my dreams- Toastmasters and WOWI.  And I have A LOT of work ahead of me- planning a 2 hour workshop for a zookeeper conference, applying for Fall programs for South Whidbey Parks and Recs, writing my books, starting a job as an assistant coach for Toddlers and possibly Youth programs at South Island Crossfit.  I feel like I have really made Whidbey Island home for me and Chris.

As I’ve mentioned before, just because my 100 Ways challenge is over doesn’t mean I’m giving up writing everyday.  THAT habit is stuck.  I just don’t intend to blog everyday.  My postings may be more infrequent, but that may be a good thing- it means I’m writing more of my books.

Well, that IS feedback...
Well, that IS feedback…

My two biggest projects are “Poach Eggs, Not Rhinos”  and “A Zookeeper’s Guide to Fitness: Positive Reinforcement is Not a Burger After the Gym”.  I also hope to eventually make EarthFit itself into a book, and my hope is that it will launch a movement like Richard Louv’s books (“Last Child in the Woods” and “The Nature Principle”) in promoting the Nature Deficit Disorder awareness.  My program is the solution, or cure, for Nature Deficit Disorder.lastchildpbcover-thumb

I look forward to the summer.  I plan on returning occasionally to the Wildlife Refuge to keep up with the Book Club and stay in touch with the one truly beautiful experience and home from Oregon.  I signed us up for a farm share with Ebb Tide Produce, on the island, AND Growing Washington, a you-choose CSA.  So starting in June, we will be up to our ears in locally produced foods!images  Oh, the possibilities!  The ‘rents are coming out at the end of June.  I do miss them a bunch, but I’m excited to show my mom and dad around our new home.  There is so much to see and do- Pacific Rim Institute, Ebey’s Landing, Wine Tour, Whidbey Institute, shopping around Langley, Deception Pass, Farmers’ Markets (I mean, there’s a different one 4 days a week!), and even a ferry to Port Townsend.

And keeping in touch with old friends.  Like returning to our favorite eatery, what we lovingly call “B’s Tequila Grill”.  We’re heading there tomorrow actually to feast on venison, spare ribs, my broccoli casserole, rhubarb crisp, corn, potatoes, and my protein bars.  And since I’m close enough, I can stay involved with Puget Sound AAZK and their Bowling for Rhinos event, and possibly practice giving my workshop to their members for some feedback.

Gosh, I have literally so many plans for the next few months, I’m not sure why I’m still on the computer typing about them!  I have work to do!  Time to go DO SOMETHING!

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