About ZooFit

What is your fitness doing for the planet?

You, too, can achieve your goals through wildlife conservation by eating clean, living green, and training positive.

ZooFit takes the most meaningful aspects of being a zookeeper and applies them to our fitness program. Those principles of operant conditioning through positive reinforcement, enrichment, and conservation make working out and eating right engaging and  more enjoyable.

What started as a simple musing of “How can I provide excellent care to the animals if I don’t take basic care of myself?” became a passion for showing how we can take care of ourselves by taking care of the planet.

“Everything is connected.”

With ZooFit, we show the direct line from fitness to conservation, and how everyday actions promotes a healthier you and a healthier planet.

My motto is “Eat clean, live green, and train positive.” Learn to put the FUN in functional fitness, achieve your goals, and promote wildlife conservation.

Welcome to ZooFit

About PJ

PJ Beaven worked in the animal care field for more than fifteen years, as a marine mammal trainer, wildlife rehabilitator, and zookeeper. Her experience led her to join a national committee of zookeepers on Behavioral Husbandry to help animal professionals across the country improve the care of their animals through training, enrichment, and animal welfare. While working at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, Beaven had a wonderful epiphany which changed her life- How can I take great care of the animals if I’m not taking basic care of myself? 

This epiphany led to the development of ZooFit. By focusing on breaking behavior into smaller, more easily achieved steps, Beaven created lifelong habits rather than quick fixes which fell away once a goal was initially met. Rather than guilting herself to go to the gym or eat healthier foods, PJ relied on positive reinforcement to focus on accomplishments and motivate her to keep going.

By turning exercise sessions into fun games, PJ never considered her workouts actual “work”. But the most inspiring change that created the program of ZooFit was connecting her healthy habits to conservation efforts. She stopped eating junk food and processed food by connecting the common ingredient (palm oil) with conservation for orangutans and elephants. She was more motivated to ride her bike because she not only improved her cardiovascular health, but reduced her carbon footprint.

After losing 50 pounds, and getting other zookeepers on board, Beaven discovered even guests to the zoo, community members, and the general public could greatly benefit from her discoveries. So, in 2015, PJ turned in her keys to the zoo and got certified as a fitness instructor. Since then, PJ has taught CrossFit, outdoor bootcamps, running groups, and most recently SilverSneakers at the local YMCA. She gives presentations at libraries, bookstores, zoos, conferences, and community centers. Her three books are for sale on Amazon.