What is your fitness doing for the planet?

You, too, can achieve your goals through wildlife conservation by eating clean, living green, and training positive.

ZooFit takes the most meaningful aspects of being a zookeeper and applies them to our fitness program. Those principles of operant conditioning through positive reinforcement, enrichment, and conservation make working out and eating right engaging and  more enjoyable.

What started as a simple musing of “How can I provide excellent care to the animals if I don’t take basic care of myself?” became a passion for showing how we can take care of ourselves by taking care of the planet. Everything is connected. With ZooFit, we show the direct line from fitness to conservation, and how everyday actions promotes a healthier you and a healthier planet.

My motto is “Eat clean, live green, and train positive.” Learn to put the FUN in functional fitness, achieve your goals, and promote wildlife conservation.

Welcome to ZooFit.