A New Me, a New You

I’m doing a fitness challenge called “New You” through South Island CrossFit.  It’s a 6-week challenge including 3 day/week workouts and meal planning booklet. I figure I as a coach, I should experience some of the components of a fitness program to discover some of the pros and cons, and see if there are ways I can make it easier and  more successful for other participants.  I’m not exactly following the meal plan to a “T”, but it is not just a “New You”, it is discovering a “New Me” as well. Today was definitely an “off” day, but I did manage to have a couple paleo-inspired meals.

Breakfast- Scrambled egg with zucchini and tomatoes
Lunch- rest of chicken kabob
Dinner- Gingerly Beef with Broccoli

Today I spent most of my day at the Captain Whidbey Inn’s writing co-works, so we didn’t do a workout.  But I am working out 6 days a week, so I do feel entitled to have a day where I focus on writing and not worry about sweating. However, I didn’t do a whole hella lot of writing. I caught up on my emails and got my inbox down to 20 in my inbox. I caught up on some correspondence emails from contacts I made at the conference I attended. I submitted a blog post to the new writing community being formed, North Sound Writers.

What I WANTED to accomplish was writing up Program Proposals, editing articles for publication, and get started on my new speech for Toastmasters and writing submission for Thursday Writing Group. But, I’ll take my writing success in small steps. I have the weekend, too, to finish some projects.

ZooFit tip- break your larger goals into smaller habits to accomplish.  Think of your “Main/Bigger Goal” as your Desired Outcome, and the healthy habits that support that as your completed behaviors that you will train yourself.  I know it sounds like I want you to treat yourself like an animal, but it will be easier and lead to long-term life changes if you create smaller habits rather than trying to do everything gung-ho all at once.

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