A New Low

I’ve gotten plenty of writing material over the last 24 hours but the energy to hang on and keep at my current rate has definitely lagged, and I’ve hit a new low in terms of motivation are pretty staggering.

To say I’m disappointed in America today is an understatement.  I can’t decide what disappoints me more, our electoral college for being obviously outdated since this is the second time in very recent election history that a candidate won the popular vote, but lost the election?  Or the fact that third party candidates are still viewed as only distractions from the major two parties, and were not allowed to take part in the debates, or given even 1/10 of the air time as the two main parties?  Or that environmental issues, like climate change, pollution, our dependence on oil, coal, and unclean energy, endangered species, and deforestation were not brought up in ANY of the debates.  The second debate came close, but the focus was turned from environmental policy to jobs.  Clinton brought up climate change on two occasions, but it wasn’t enough to warrant a discussion.  This is incredibly disturbing.  Climate change isn’t just a political issue, it’s a WORLD issue, and the world NEEDS the U.S. to step it up and BE the leader it needs to be in the face of this pressing problem.  But if they can’t even be bothered to spend two minutes to discuss it in the most popular forum during the campaign, how do most of Americans learn about where the candidates stand on the issue?

I am scared for the future generations, inheriting this massive ordeal from us.  They will ask, “why did you let it get this bad?” and I have no idea what to tell them.  Do I tell them that I tried to talk to people and inform them of the dangers of palm oil?  The risks of eating factory farm meat?  The pollution caused by one time use water bottles?  Do I tell them that every time I have brought up environmental solutions that I care about, I was met with scorn, scoffed, berated, or at best, simply ignored?  That I wrote books, but no one bought them or read them because the information was not something they were accustomed to and didn’t “get it”?  What do I tell them?  Besides “I’m sorry.  I’m so so sorry”.


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