A Great Article About GMOs

I came across this article on Huffington Post about GMOs, and it provided some VERY good information on the topic.

I’ll admit that I am not as informed about GMOs as I’d like to be, especially when I want to write about it and speak on the subject with conviction.


As of right now, I still buy chicken from the supermarket. I still also buy yogurt made from cow’s milk (although I’ve been looking into coconut milk yogurt and I’ll admit, it’s pretty tasty). But I look at labels carefully when purchasing soy (tofu, meatless products), eggs, and pork. In fact, I only purchase eggs and bacon from a farmers’ market (what the hell am I going to do at the end of November I haven’t yet considered).

non gmo label
But after reading this, I realize I still have a LOT to learn!
I am trying to cut down my meat and dairy intake and replace with vegan options. I’ve looked at a cookbook called “The Cheesy Vegan” which has all kinds of vegan cheese recipes (including cottage cheese and cream cheese). I’ve tried a couple of them, and they aren’t all that bad.cheesy vegan

One of these days Chris and I will settle down somewhere in the Northwest or overseas, and we’ll have a plot of land to raise our own goats and chickens. Until then, the best I feel I can do is read labels and keep the conversation with the vendors at the market alive.gmo

Check out the whole article on Huffington Post.
What are some of your methods for eating as “Green” as possible?

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