A Good Day

After being in a slump for a couple weeks, I finally had a breakthrough kind of day. A great day actually. The perfect kind of day I needed to get back on my fitness/writing/learning/motivated horse and take off running again (well, not me running, let’s not get too crazy!)
It started completely normal, I made Chris breakfast of roasted pears with bacon drizzled with balsamic vinegar. No big deal. And I continued my study of Anatomy (BORING!) in my personal training course. But suddenly around 10:30 I got a bug up my butt and decided to hit the gym while Chris was in his “Artstonaut” zone. But o decided to ride to the gym.10375132_10153449592953783_1705508053337394516_n
Now it’s hot as Hades here in Portland, but the ride was delightful. I saw a baby bunny, a deer, and a heron along the way (there’s a bike trail that runs near a nature park close to home). The class I took at Villa Sports was Athletic Conditioning and is run by one of my favorite instructors, JJ. She’s this adorable little woman with a body built like a Spartan. And she makes you SWEAT! It was great, even though I couldn’t do her bunny hop obstacle course (impact + bad knees = bad idea). I rode back home and started working on our afternoon Bootcamp with Chris. We were playing BINGO again and I needed to get our board ready. Just as I finished that up, our friend fro. Seattle texted to say she wanted to meet for Fro-Yo and I ALWAYS say yes to Fro-Yo. I went the healthier route of just fruit toppings, but it was still delicious! Which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Fro-Yo is always delicious!11407025_10153449584933783_6131242662296405583_n

After bidding Terra a safe drive back, Chris and I hit The Villa for BINGO Bootcamp. While it wasn’t quite as fun as our outdoor park bingo, where we ran around and slid down the slides for each BINGO, it was still a lot of fun! This time we were asked what we were doing by other members and staff and when we told them BINGO, they looked quite impressed and curious. Maybe sometime we’ll get other folks to join in!11145898_10153449618498783_3465670065321598317_n
After Bootcamp, Chris and I cooked off in the adult pool. We decided that’s a great way to cool down and cool off after our workouts. I’m just waiting for the chance to go down the slides and play in the pool’s jungle gym!
When we got home, I started dinner and got to use the first of my summer garden- cilantro. I also used a tomato from the farmers’ market and made homemade salsa for my summer veggie pizzas. Chris gave them a gold star and said I better include the dish in my cookbook.11402713_10153449585078783_1808072697217642292_n
The day ended with me finishing Winnie’s memorial story. I share some of my favorite funny stories about Winnie. I’ve sent it to Chris to add some photos. Don’t know if I’ll post it here or just send to some of my friends who knew her well, but it was very therapeutic. It was really hard to lose her. I didn’t even want to talk about it on Facebook, so a few of you may not have known that our 17-year-old princess passed away late Friday night. Might explain my slump a bit, but while I’m still sad, I still have goals to achieve. So my Winnie memorial was a perfect activity for me.1505482_10153449584998783_7960191797718574364_n
But I feel better today from yesterday’s activities. I think I might try to catch a 9:15 class even.
Thanks for all the continued support. You all mean the world to me!

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