Zoo-notable: Pursuit of Perfect

Welcome to another Zoo-notable- caring for our planet and our animals by taking better care of ourselves. This time I’ll be tackling the wonderful book The Pursuit of Perfect by Tal Ben-Shahar.

Do It Scared

Zoo-Notable: Do It Scared

“Fear is a very real and active part of my life. I’m scared of heights and of looking like a fool…Always afraid people aren’t going to like me, or that they’ll think I’m annoying or weird or not worth their time. And I’m scared of failing or making a mistake, and what that might say […]

Zoo-notable: A Year of Living Kindly

Attending the Pacific Northwest Writers Association last year provided me the opportunity to meet a wonderful author by the name of Donna Cameron. We were paired up in an ice-breaker activity and we discussed, of course, our writing. I shared about my work in progress, and she shared her experience with her first published book, […]

Zoo-notable: The Big Thing

Right before the world shutdown and everything closed, I was fortunate enough to visit a library and picked up a small stack of books which piqued my interest. Most of these books were about writing or the creative process, and through the shelter-in-place period in April and May, I read most of these books. They […]

ZooFit 101- A Hero’s Guide to Optimize Yourself for the Planet

In 2019, my husband Chris and I embarked on a journey together through the Optimize program. To share what Optimize does in a sentence would never do it justice, but it’s basically how to be the hero the world needs by studying and applying ancient wisdom with modern science. Be the best version of yourself […]

Life Safari

In this note, we will be discussing the wisdom behind a beautiful short parable called Life Safari by John Strelecky. I first found Strelecky while I was a marine mammal trainer in Florida and picked up a quick short book titled Why Are You Here Café. It took me a few years to get around […]