30 Days of ZooFit: Day 2- Fandom Fitness

I love coming up with new ways to make working out fun.  I have a whole new system for choosing our workouts for the summer, and I was excited to try it out yesterday. Our first workout for this season was a Harry Potter workout, from my Fandom Fitness collection.

Long story short, I created 36 workouts for our cycle this summer. There are 6 categories each with 6 workouts. We roll the dice to see which category we will choose from, and then roll it again to choose the specific workout. We rolled a 5 and then a 2- Fandom Fitness, 2nd workout- Harry Potter.

I love coming up with clever workouts, and Fandom Fitness is one of my favorite ways to make exercising fun, engaging, and exciting. 

So what did our Harry Potter workout entail? I created 7 mini-workouts for the 7 books. They started at 1 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and grew to 7 minute AMRAP the last round.

Round 1- 1 minute AMRAP
– 10 Sorcerer’s Stone Skaters
– 10 Gryffindor Glute Bridges

Round 2- 2 minute AMRAP
– 20 Chamber of Secret Crunches
– 20 Slytherin Sit-upsRound 3- 3 minute AMRAP
– 10 Prisoner of Azkaban Squats
– 10 Hippogriff High Knees
– 10 Dementor Depth Jumps

Round 4 – 4 minute AMRAP
–  10 Goblet of Fire Squats
–  10 Tri-wizard Kick Backs
– 10 Durmstrang Dragonflies
– 10 Beauxbatons Box Jumps

Round 5- 5 minute AMRAP
– 5 Order of the Phoenix Overhead Squats
– 5 Umbridge Uneven Push-ups
– 5 Ministry of Magic Man-makers
– 5 Prophecy Push-thrus

Round 6- 6 minute AMRAP
– 20 Half-Blood Prince Hammer Curls
– 20 Voldemort V-ups
– 20 Snape Single Leg Deadlift

Round 7- 7 minute AMRAP
– 10 Deathly Hallows Deadlifts
– 10 Hogwarts Climbers
– 10 Beetle the Bard Burpees

We rested a minute or two between rounds, simply to write our score, reset our timer, and grab a drink of water. Total amount of time working out was 28 minutes.

What do you think? Would you like to complete a Harry Potter Fandom Fitness WOD? Just wait until you hear about our Lord of the Rings and Star Wars workouts. They’re going to be a doozy!


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