30 Days Wild- June 2: Kitty Playtime

Our cats have become obsessed with going down to the yard below our apartment.  The Kid just wants to eat grass, but Sully wants to explore all over.  They both can get into trouble so it actually takes the two of us to watch them while they explore and seek out their favorite spots.

Today I decided to see how the cats would react to our vegetable garden.  It’s fenced in to assist in deterring (mostly) deer, but the border helped us keep the cats corralled and still give them freedom to go where they like.

I didn’t get any photos of the kids exploring the garden, but I have some lovely photos of some of the flowers that are blooming around the yard.a1f561a8-f12e-44a3-bc93-9dbb4dbdb8e2 fa6e2560-cad5-4688-b995-d03a6eda6617

For our outdoor workout, we did a “Man-Maker Fate of the Die”.  We did ten laps around one of the smaller soccer fields, and after each lap, we rolled the die to determine how many man-makers we would do.  We also watched a group playing Ultimate Frisbee, which is a combination of soccer/basketball, but with a frisbee.  We also met one of the players and were told we would be welcome to join them on Thursdays at 5pm or Sundays at noon.  Which will definitely be something we will check out in the future.  Stay tuned!

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