30 Days of Wild Challenge

I have a list on my desk of nearly 20 challenges I want to try this next year, to get excited and pumped and active with EarthFit, but then I came across The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days of Wild Challenge, and the idea blew all my other thoughts out of the water!  

For the month of June, Wildlife Trust challenges you to do something “wild” each and every day.  Take a walk, photograph wildlife, volunteer, do an outdoor WOD, play in the park, ride your bike, work in your garden.  30 days.  30 wild things.  Being on Whidbey Island does give me a distinct advantage to achieve this challenge, but I want to push myself to make this “EarthFit Wild”.  How am I connecting to nature and the earth in a healthy way?  One thing each and every day for the month of June.maxresdefault

Today we did the South Island Crossfit WOD outside, as it entailed 4 rounds of a 200 meter run and wall balls.  While that definitely meets the criteria for EarthFit, it isn’t in the spirit of the Wild Challenge.

What would be a EarthFit Wild challenge would be biking or walking and getting a chance to photograph the local deer families that all live around your home.6ba8fa70-91c4-4259-b578-25793546b206 ab33383b-de60-4c03-9e60-35d12cfeedbf

The next month I commit to posting a super quick 100 word (more or less) blurb about my EarthFit Wild Challenge.  How can YOU connect to the earth in a healthy way?


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