30 Days of ZooFit

Welcome to April, folks. Spring is in the air. Puddle-stompers and Sloth Army runners are gearing up for another fun-filled season.

I have been wanting to do a writing challenge for a little while, and on a whim I decided to stop dragging my feet and post a 30 Day Conservation Fitness Challenge, based off my ZooFit program. On Whidbey Island, we celebrate Earth and Ocean month all throughout the month of April. So I’m going to honor it the best way I know how, with ZooFit.

I’ll discuss best practices for habits and starting out in fitness. We will learn how to make some equipment, saving trash from unnecessarily entering our landfills. We will turn our workouts into fun games, and we will explore outdoors more and more as the sun starts shining and the days become nicer.

Join me for a journey learning to have fun in your fitness, get in the best shape of your life, and help save the planet.

Happy Easter, Happy Earth Day, and Happy Fitness!

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