30 Days of ZooFit: Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Since developing the foundations of ZooFit, I am always looking for guinea pigs, er, I mean….no guinea pigs was right. I know ZooFit worked for me, but am I an anomaly? Do these principles translate to non-animal trainer folk? Can my methods of operant conditioning, shaping behavior, positive reinforcement, enrichment, and conservation all have the same benefits and impact as it did on me?

I rarely get the chance to see with my own two eyes. I have a few members who keep coming back to class with me, which is a testament to my coaching methods. But when one of my friends wants to try my way, that’s saying a lot to me.

I don’t really care what your reasons for wanting to get in shape are. I mean, I do, and they are important to each one of us individually, but no one else except me cares why I got in shape in the first place. It was important to me, and became significant in changing my habits and creating a healthy lifestyle, but no one else needs to know my “why”.

However, I am not opposed to learning your why. My good friend spent a weekend at a Wiccan festival. She has decided to dedicate, and she chose to dedicate to Apollo. I think it’s interesting she didn’t exactly choose Apollo, but Apollo chose her. And the aspect she is focused on the most this year is his connection to health, wellness, and healing.

So, when she told me about her plans, while I don’t necessarily need to know your why, I was thrilled. And I immediately asked how I could help. My friend wants to improve her fitness, so we decided to make a commitment for the two of us to work out together at least once a week, and hopefully inspire her to work out on her own a couple times later in the week.

Having never been to her gym, the two of us went today to explore the different equipment rooms. There are two machine rooms, two free weight rooms, and a conditioning room, along with a separate cardio room with treadmills and the like. We went over her limitations, and her strengths and ambitions, and I went over a few exercises to focus on those goals.

I rarely use my personal training certification. I mean, I got it directly for this reason, so if a friend asked me a legitimate question about fitness, I could answer it. It’s also helped me in developing ZooFit.

Will my friend find my methods as motivating and engaging as I? Time will tell. She is stoked, and motivated, and sometimes, we need an outside force to kick us in gear. She certainly seems genuine. I hope our sessions become what they are for me, fun, and different, and invigorating.

ZooFit can certainly be individualized. In fact, that’s the big deal about ZooFit, it is not a one-size-fits all. It’s a-cater-to-your-needs program. But what makes it super exciting is the possibility of making it a social program as well. The more the merrier with ZooFit. Each at their own level, but all training positive and having fun.


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