30 Days of ZooFit: Day 29-The Summer Job

Working on my books has been a great experience. I set my own hours, which is great in theory, but in practice I need improvement. I’ve gotten lazier and lazier about waking up, getting started, and staying motivated. My writing has gotten a little better, and I’ve really developed ZooFit, but I am feeling a little bored with depression creeping up in the background. 

This may or may not have happened several times the last month…

Every so often, I peruse the job sites thinking I may want to get back into the workforce. Earlier last month, though, I found the perfect job I would love for the summer- Park Ranger Aide for the state parks on Whidbey Island. I applied and a couple weeks ago, was called to schedule an interview.

The interview went well. I didn’t have any misunderstanding about what the job would entail. Lots of guest service, mixed with cleaning. My background working outdoors demonstrated my comfort in the elements. And when asked what I could do with down time, I responded “Oh, I’m sure there’s something that will need cleaning.” It gave my interviewers a laugh and I felt the job was possibly in the bag.

Today, while in my workout, I got the call back. I am excited to announce I will be working at Fort Casey and Ebey’s Landing state parks for the summer.

Do I get to wear the HAT?!?!

I go in this week to get all the fine print details taken care of and learn my schedule. Yes, the job will cut into my writing time, but I have a well-established habit of writing at least 500 words a day, and a job isn’t going to stop that. I may have to cut back on many commitments such as writing groups, coaching CrossFit, and ZooFit in the park, but this is really good for me.

I will have purpose.

I’ll be official! Put the barnacle BACK!

One of the underlying themes of ZooFit is to do what you love. I love being outdoors. I love nature, and I enjoy sharing my passion with others. What better calling than be a park ranger (other than being a zookeeper)? Perhaps this summer job will lead to something else which will help ZooFit in the long run as well.

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