30 Days of ZooFit: Day 21- Life Safari

One of my current favorite books right now is Nerd Fitness founder, Steve Kamb’s book Level Up Your Life. I really admire this book on a whole new level after experiencing the difficulties to get published in this industry. But beyond Steve being a literary hero, he’s a life hero to me as well.

While reading his book, I was awestruck by his voice and principles. They practically mirror my own, the only difference is he uses fandoms and geeky references, and I am using animal training principles and animal stories.

My big draw from reading Level Up Your Life is his idea of Quests to challenge yourself. I have my own interpretation, something I call Life Safaris. A Life Safari are ultimate goals in our lives. When people go to Africa, there are five main animals they typically want to see- lion, rhino, giraffe, elephant, and cape buffalo. These are known as the Big Five. 

Life Safaris are your top five categories of huge epic goals you have and the challenges you want to face within them.

Here are my Life Safari Top Five

Eating Green Safari

  • Grow 1/4 of our food ourselves
  • Remove all plastic from our eating habits
  • Eat only anti-inflammatory diet
  • Only sweets consumed are those homemade by me
  • Eat out only once a month, all other meals are homemade
  • Determine cooking times for oven recipes to reduce unnecessary energy consumption
  • Reduce carbon heavy foods
  • Eat healthy and green when out and away from home
  • Convince two restaurants locally to remove straws and switch to compostable utensils
  • Consistently log meals for 1000 days (I am on day 560)

Fitness Safari

  • 36 inch waist
  • complete 5 unassisted pull-ups
  • complete 3K fun run in under 36:00
  • Hike Mount Si in under 1 hour 45 minutes (wearing backpack)
  • Complete my first Spartan Challenge
  • Compete in Whidbey Triathlon
  • Finish Whidbey Tri Swim in under 13:00
  • Bike to Coupeville for hike at Ebey’s Landing
  • Ten minute mile run
  • 8 minute mile row
  • Finish one CrossFit WOD completely Rx
  • Participate in Ragnar

Relationship Safari

  • Celebrate 20th anniversary in New Zealand
  • Plan a date night once a month
  • Plan a date day once a month
  • Workout together 5 days a week
  • Plan fun cruise after Chris gets a new kidney
  • Volunteer together once a week
  • Design and work on special project once a week
    • conservation fitness
    • website
    • book photos
    • zoofit app
    • Logo
  • Plan 2 romantic weekends every year (does not need to be anniversary or birthday)
  • Cook 1 dinner together every week
  • Go off island for no reason other than fun day 4 times a year

Adventure Safari

  • Climb Rainier
  • SCUBA dive Great Barrier Reef
  • Visit top 100 zoos in the world
  • Hike Marblemount to Stehekin
  • Revisit Tintagel
  • Go to Lewa Conservancy in Africa
  • See Aurora Borealis
  • Attend NerdFitness Camp

Gratitude Safari

  • Raise $1000 for Polar Bear International
  • Help plan writers conference for Whidbey Island
  • Plan huge fundraiser for North Sound Writers
  • Plan CrossFit for Conservation event


Some of these are lofty goals, but that’s the point of a Life Safari. Dream big or go home. What’s your Big Five for Life?


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