30 Days of ZooFit: Setting Myself Up for a Successful Writer’s Conference

Tonight, I am traveling to Las Vegas for a writer’s conference. This is my first writer’s conference, but not my first professional conference, or my first conference in Las Vegas either. Las Vegas may not be my first choice for a vacation, but I’m not going to look at sights for this trip. In fact, because I’m not much of a lemur or lizard (I don’t bask in the sun), I doubt I’ll step outside the conference rooms.

As much as I enjoy the outdoors, there are two things I don’t enjoy: intense heat and concrete. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is a lot of both. But again, that’s not why I’m going.

I’m going to be around lots of other writers, network, get some feedback on queries, pitches, proposals, and first pages. All the things you have to perfect even when you have spent years on your manuscript.

I’m hoping to connect to a few authors in my genre, a few agents, and a few editors and publishers. I have my wallet loaded with business cards, my first pages submitted for critique, my schedule finalized, and my pitch sessions and blue pencil sessions booked.

ZooFit is something I am excited about, profusely. Anyone who talks to me can see the excitement exude from my aura. I’m hoping to make an impression, even if my pitch isn’t perfect, even if my query needs a lot of work. I hope someone tells me “PJ, you’ve got something there. Keep at it, because there’s something there.”

Because ZooFit is such a huge part of my life, I am taking my principles along with me to Sin City. Along with my business cards (which are old, I admit, but at least I have something), I am bringing my No-Straw for Me cards and Chopsticks for Salamanders cards to leave with managers and establishments who I feel will benefit from reducing their waste.

I have my bamboo utensils, my water bottle, and even a travel coffee mug, so I have no excuse to use plastic single use plastics. One of my big projects last year was cutting my plastic use as much as possible. It’s still hard, because when you go to a grocery store, convenience store, or get food to go at a restaurant, there is a lot of plastic…everywhere. I haven’t always remembered to bring my utensils or mug with me everywhere I go, but I’ve gotten better. If only I could find good food around me on the go that wasn’t wrapped in plastic, and I’d be good to go.

As someone who very, very recently became gung-ho about getting a workout in every day, I wanted to make sure fitting in my exercise was easy and convenient. I packed my deck of playing cards, some resistant bands, and even my PiYo DVD. If my room has a DVD player, I will be able to do great low impact exercises right in my own room. I have some workout cards to do easy bodyweight workouts, and I can still make them fun with my deck of cards or keep them short with Tabatas, Time Ladders, Countdowns, and what I like to call Escalators.

With my motivation, I think I can even manage two short workouts each day. The main thing is to make workouts fun and convenient. This is part of ZooFit’s philosophy of knowing how and when to Lower the Criteria, and how to Set Yourself Up for Success.

I may not be able to burn the same calories or work as hard as I do in CrossFit or my normal ZooFit classes, but I can still do something, and that is the important thing to keep in mind. I will do what I can, what I’m able to do.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I know I’ll learn a great deal, but I’m excited to take ZooFit to new heights.

Wish me luck!


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