30 Days of ZooFit: Double Workout, a Healthy Obsession

A few years ago, when I became serious about getting in shape, I was gung ho. I joined a gym, signed up for a weight loss challenge, and began a journey which would lead many friends (but mostly non-friends) to claim I was obsessed.

I did become obsessed. And there was nothing wrong with that. There IS nothing wrong with that. I found a passion for taking care of myself while helping the planet. I enjoyed my fitness and nutrition.

At my pique, I was working out multiple times a day. I rode my bike…a lot. I usually worked out in the morning with a swim, a cross-training class, or a short cardio workout. Then I rode my bike to work, about 10 miles away.

I had a very physical job back then, lifting heavy loads, raking, and walking all day. But because my diet fueled me rather than just filling me, I had plenty of energy to sustain the entire day, and then ride my bike back to the gym, do a group workout with my friends, and then head home. Sometimes, I stayed at the gym for pilates or (gasp) even yoga.

I did this five days a week. On my weekend, I rode my bike to the gym for a couple classes and then usually hit a hiking trail. I was usually back in time to attend another group workout in the evening.

Because my motivation was very high, I was able to sustain this schedule. I was seeing results, and I was having fun. But normally, I would never suggest such a routine to a newcomer. Many people, not everyone, but many would burn out and lose everything.

Here’s my problem today. I don’t have an active job anymore. Writing is nearly the opposite of active. I teach fitness classes, but that’s not nearly the same as doing the class. I workout fairly often with my husband, an average of 5 times a week. But, I tend to go pretty easy with my knees, because unfortunately physical therapy and cortisone shots didn’t do much to help.

My lack of motivation feeds my lack of motivation. It turns into a vicious cycle, and I wanted to end that. Right here, right now.

This afternoon I signed up for a second workout at CrossFit, after ZooFit with Chris. It worked out great because I placed dinner in the crockpot so I didn’t have to cook anything special. After dinner, I worked a little on writing, sending queries and pitches to agents and magazine editors. Then I left to do my second workout for the day.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy working out. Mostly, I just have trouble leaving home unless I absolutely have to. So, to help motivate me to pick up the pace a little and amp up my metabolic conditioning, I went ahead and signed up for morning classes tomorrow and Wednesday.

I would have signed up for the rest of the week, but I’m leaving for Las Vegas Wednesday night. Instead, I packed my deck of cards and several bodyweight workout cards. I am committing myself to do a workout before the conference starts each morning, and a workout before dinner each night. They don’t have to be long workouts- 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, but I want to do this. This is important to me.

I am hoping this habit will stay with me. It’s not impossible to do a quick morning cardio at home- I have a rowing machine and we have a nice long road to “run” on. I have friends who will meet me at the drop of a hat for Sloth Army. And I have CrossFit. I can do this. Once I get started, it’ll be difficult to slow me down.

Here’s to the double-WOD day, and many more in the future. Keep the momentum, and create a healthy obsession.

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