30 Days of ZooFit: Stability and Variety

Stabilize before you mobilize. That’s what the Pilates instructor always says during class every week.

Variety is the spice of life. That’s what I always say when someone asks me why I sign up for so many stupid fitness classes and workouts.

I teach Masters classes at a CrossFit gym. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Masters class isn’t “elite” CrossFit, it’s an age category- 50 and older. I teach a modified version of the workout to those who want to try CrossFit without getting INTO CROSSFIT. On occasion, I will do the workout with my class, especially if the program calls for burpees (because burpees are an amazing exercise!).

ZooFit Summer has sort of started up with outdoor workouts. My program may have me and my husband hitting the trail for a Nature Trail Workout, or playing a game on the soccer field, or using some of my homemade workout equipment.

Right now, I’m also currently keeping my winter gym on a day to day basis (what a great deal that is- it really really pays to be awesome gym members and be nice to your gym owner. Then when you’re in a tight spot, they will do you a solid and let you pay a small day-to-day fee for using the gym when needed). Spring in the Pacific Northwest can bring a wave of different weather. Beautiful and sunny one day, the next it’s raining. A huge windstorm blows through, and then you’re hit with freezing temperatures when you least expect it. So, Adam from Vibrant Fitness allows me and the hubby to use his gym when the weather doesn’t cooperate with us.

I’m hoping to start swimming at the local lake pretty soon, too. I got a new wetsuit, and I’m itching to try it out. Swimming used to be my favorite sport. I got out of shape, and now I’m afraid I’m going to drown. Luckily the wetsuit will keep me buoyant. Hopefully, this year, I’ll manage under 15 minutes for the ½ mile swim during the Whidbey Triathlon. But to achieve that, I need to get started on practice.

I am also considering joining the Athletic Club for the summer. They usually give a special rate just for residents between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Not only does the fitness club have a pool, but they provide some interesting fitness classes I enjoy.

I am doing Pilates only one day a week for now. That may change. It’s not my all-time favorite class, but I enjoy it more than yoga, and there are some benefits to practicing mobility and core work.

With my knees acting up, even after physical therapy and cortisone shots, I’m willing to add some low-impact and therapeutic variety in my day. And my instructor helps with alignment, form, and stability. It’s hard, but I think it’s worth it.

I keep going. Some days I honestly think nothing is working. Especially with my knees. Which is why I do allow myself to go to Pilates. It can leave me shaking all over, and I don’t feel I’ve messed up my knees more. I am learning to stabilize. And that kind of spice will help me mobilize my fitness.

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