30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Back in the Habit

I’ve been a bit of a bad girl the past couple of weeks. Even though it’s nice summer weather, I haven’t done any ZooFit workouts in June.

To remedy that situation, I decided to go to the park for our Shakespeare themed Tabata. Finally. After two weeks, we were finally going to get back to working on the ZooFit program workouts.

Getting back into the habit of doing something gets harder and harder the longer you go without it. I know from getting this summer job. It’s been three years since I’ve been in the workforce, and this whole “leave for a job and get there on time and be professional” thing is actually quite exhausting. I’m just not used to it. But the more you do something, the more it becomes a part of your routine. It’s habit. I am creating the routine which will work for me with my job, still get my writing done, and still keep a healthy lifestyle. Step one- get back to park workouts, especially on the weekend.

So, why a Shakespeare workout? I wanted something different from the regular Fandom Fitness workouts. I have a Marvel Avengers, Justice League, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Disney. So why not Shakespeare? Our Tabata was just four movements- To Thine Own Self Be True Thrusters, Star-crossed Lovers Star Crunches, Eh Tu Brute Burpees, and Out Damn Spot Sprints.

I feel like I went pretty slow. Maybe it was my perception, or maybe it has been two weeks since we got outdoors for our workouts, so I was moving at a slower pace. I’ve DONE workouts, a couple at CrossFit, a couple on the rower, but when you change things up from the norm (whether it’s a new norm or your regular norm), things can go a little wonky.

It’s good to be back to working out. I don’t know if my work schedule will allow us to complete a whole other cycle before we leave for Chris’ kidney transplant, but we’re going to try.

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities you haven’t done in a while? Hiking? Running? Horseback riding? Why don’t you get back in the habit of practicing some of your favorite things, and connect back to nature in a healthy way.

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