30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Get a Job

I did a thing. I thought it might be a fun thing, getting outdoors more. I’d like to look on the bright side and say it’ll be really good for me. We’ll see.

I got a job.

It’s an outdoors job. But I’m learning just because it sounds like your cup of tea doesn’t make it true. I love cats and dogs, and working in the pet care industry has not worked out for me so far.

I am a seasonal assistant at the state parks on Whidbey Island. The hours aren’t the greatest, but the work may be good for me. It’s not exactly a conservation job, though.

Today was my first day, and I want to give the new job all the positivity I can muster, because if I play my cards right, I could not only find a great outlet for my outdoor-loving personality, but also get more stories for my books about conservation education.

On my first day, I did not spend as much time outdoors as I had hoped. I have some ideas on how I can incorporate ZooFit into my job, make it a little greener and possibly even a lot more fun:

  • Instead of driving around the park, I may bring my bike to work and bike from office to campground to picnic area and back to the office.
  • Run trails on my break
  • Picnic dinner with the hubby once a week at the park I’m working
  • ZooFit workout at the park before I start my shift
  • Listen to inspirational books
  • Start a Sloth Army with coworkers

Here’s hoping for a great summer!

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