30 Days of Experiencing Nature: ZooFit Exercise Guide

I’ve been a little over-obsessed with Conservation Fitness and it’s been driving me slowly insane.

After my writing group yesterday, I decided to take their advice and instead focus on two projects which don’t require a lot of story or lengthy introductions. I’m going back to basics and working on my ZooFit Exercise Guide, and then Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist.

Today, after I swam, made lunch, and did some weed-eating for my landlord, my ever-loving and supportive husband went with me to get much-needed photos of my exercises for my exercise guide. We enjoy the park because it’s (usually) quiet, and the background is lot more visually pleasing than back home. Wanting to promote outdoor fitness, and experiencing nature, I wanted a backdrop of woods and a setting where I’m in green grass. So the park is perfect.

ZooFit Exercise Guide has over 50 exercises, all of which I demonstrate and describe through photos and written explanations. These photos are sometimes the hardest to take, because I often need to hold a pose, with good form, for 5-10 seconds while Chris gets the camera focused and takes the shot.

My biggest problem I am trying to overcome is that I’m not super excited with my body shape right now. Even though I’m steadily losing weight, and getting better each week, when I see some of these photos, I cringe a little. Sure, my form is good. But I am not happy with the way I look.

Most of the photos today came out pretty good, though. We haven’t gone through them all to see which ones are keepers and which ones are toss-outs, but I am pretty satisfied with the way they turned out.

ZooFit Exercise Guide is set to debut this fall, at the AAZK conference in Denver. I’m self-publishing it, so I will have it available online and probably giving it to all my friends for Christmas.


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