30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 16- Run with Chums

Last year I started a running group called Sloth Army. We were about seven women strong, and we plodded through several running trails along South Whidbey. 

This year, I didn’t get any Sloth Army recruits, but I still enjoyed a nice “run” at the Chum Run. I managed to convince Chris to come with me this year, and we worked hard to beat our previous 5K time for that course of 45 minutes.

I told you we were the Sloth Army. No one believes me, but yes, our last 5K at the Community Park was the Elf Chase. We flew through that fun run at a deafening 15 minute mile pace.

Our last 5K was the Pawz by the Sea on Memorial Day, and we finished that run in an astonishing 35 minutes and 38 minutes. Today, we were not so fortunate. We did push ourselves, so I can’t ask any thing more, and we did beat our 45 minute time, but we did not do as well as the Pawz by the Sea. Our times were 41 minutes.

I’m not going to lie. Running? Not my thing. But “running” with friends? I can dig that.

Running on a treadmill or even just around a track can become very monotonous. Treading through scenic forests and natural ground? I’m game.

South Whidbey has some fantastic trails, and some fun people to take on the trail with you. The Chum Run is held once a year, but when you are Experiencing Nature and being ZooFit, the Run With Chums can be anytime.

Grab a friend and hit the trails. I’ll likely see you there!

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  1. “This year, I didn’t get any Sloth Army recruits,…” Now that I’ve seen the T-shirts it seems like a great enticement. Maybe next year? Of course, I might just wear my Pretending Not To Panic shirt, instead.

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