30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Making Nature a Family Affair

Starting a new summer job has been more difficult than I imagined. I have a lot of ideas still floating in my head and a lot of things to do for ZooFit before summer is over.

Work is a great way to get outdoors where I thrive, and feel somewhat productive towards my community and contributing to my family, but it’s hard to juggle my priorities.

My priority has always been ZooFit, and I am trying not to let it go to the back burner. Which is why I started the 30 days of Experiencing Nature in the first place. But my family is important to me as well. Especially my husband. He is my everything, and the last thing I want is for this job to wedge between us.

Up until now, Chris and I have gotten quite accustomed to doing almost everything willy-nilly. When would you like to workout? When would you like dinner? Now, with my work schedule, we have to plan things more precisely.

Sunday was a good practice run for how working out before my shift would go. We got a little stressed for time, but we managed. We did leave for the workout about 20 minutes later than we anticipated. If this job does anything, it will be to make me a Time-Nazi once again.

This job is good for me on so many levels, though, so I’m trying to make it work while still making time for Chris.

Today, we tried out one of my ideas- a weekly picnic dinner at work. I made the meal in the crockpot, and Chris brought it over for dinner at the park. We sat near the bluff trail overlooking the ocean, a fantastic breeze blowing through and keeping us cool. I was starving by the time Chris came by, so I am still debating whether the food was really delicious, or if I could have eaten a boot and found it tasty.

After dinner, we took a short stroll up the bluff trail to the beach and a little beyond. I found a Whidbey Rocks! painted rock on the trail and brought it back with me. It’s pretty perfect for me, but I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it or pass it on further.

We enjoyed the time so much we are looking forward to more picnics, especially at Fort Ebey, where there are dozens of places to explore together. It was just a great way to confirm this summer job thing could possibly work out well.

Now, if only I could get a grasp on my writing goals, then we’ll be in business! Let’s see what this job can do for that as well.

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