20 Days of Eco-Wellness: Celebrate Fitness

Everything is connected. Our eating habits, fitness routine, and our lifestyle reflects how we care for ourselves and the earth. Today I round out my eco-wellness with positive affirmation and hope for the future of ZooFit and all it promises. 

It was a great learning experience, setting up a vendor booth and presenting on Conservation Fitness at AAZK. Did I sell out of the books I brought? No, not even close. But nearly every person I spoke with about ZooFit got excited and intrigued about the idea of getting fit and healthy for the planet. It’s not just about us, but we get something out of it.

With ZooFit, I am all about celebrating successes, and there are a lot of successes I want to celebrate tonight.

I gave out approximately 300 pedometers at this conference, and many wore theirs to the zoo today. I connected with the attendees through the event app Whova, and on average, we all walked about 6-7 MILES today. That’s insane, and excellent work. Everyone was so grateful for such an appropriate and helpful freebie from the ZooFit table. It was truly a great conversation starter.

I received excellent verbal feedback from attendees about my presentation talk. While I didn’t speak to the entire conference, the room was full with about 30-40 attendees. Everyone was again interested and amazed at such a simple way to convey their conservation message more effectively.

I also have five business cards from people interested in helping spread the message of ZooFit in various ways. From future conferences to possibly getting classes about conservation fitness and workouts online, like Beachbody and other online fitness programs.

At tonight’s auction, my donation of two sets of books with workout cards went for $30 each. There were several bidders on each set, which makes my heart sing a little. I won’t talk about how I almost spent $1300 on an African vacation. I mean, it would have been worth it, but let’s be realistic, I don’t have TIME to go to Africa right now.

When I wasn’t very busy at my booth, I was being as creative as possible, and came up with some great ideas for stickers, magnets, and possibly shirts to sell at conferences. The “Poach Eggs, Not Rhinos” was a huge hit with this group. (duh!) Zookeepers. Rhino conservation is a big deal. Clever saying. What’s not to love?

Here are some of my favorites I came up with:

  • You don’t drink wine or beer with a straw. So all you winos out there, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  • It’s all fun and games until someone says burpees, then it’s a party!
  • Burpees are an excellent exercise which works your entire body. They are not a punishment. Just keep reminding yourself that while you gasp for air.
  • Sloth Army (with a sloth using his two long nails as air quotes): “We Run”
  • Burpees take my breath away
  • You had me at burpees
  • Love your body, love the earth
  • Eat like a conservation boss
  • Workout like a conservation boss
  • Change your mentality, change your life
  • ZooFit: Because having fun working out isn’t enough, we get to save the planet, too.

Which of these would you like to see on promotional items (shirts, magnets, stickers, etc) for sale or to give away? What topics would you like to see ZooFit tackle for future blogs, videos, and books? And what are you excited to try from ZooFit’s teachings in your own life?

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  1. “ZooFit: Because having fun working out isn’t enough, we get to save the planet, too.” This would be a great t-shirt if you shortened it up a bit. But you have been wanting the sloth shirt for a long time, we should do that first.

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