Fitness Woes

Have any of you seen those videos called “First World Problems”? How “hard” it is to be without cell phone for a day. The television only has ten channels. Microwave meal takes 5 minutes, but you’re hungry NOW!

I came up with some similar statements but call them “Fitness Woes”

Here goes, enjoy:

  1. Going thru airport security after losing several inches on your waist. It’s ridiculous. I took off my belt and had to hold my pants up with my hands, but going through the scanner, you have to hold your hands up…..
  2. Having to buy new clothes every few weeks
  3. But none of those clothes include jeans or Blazers
  4. Most of your wardrobe is now workout clothes
  5. The last thing you need is another pair of socks, but DID YOU SEE THESE NEW NINJA SOCKS?!?!
  6. Your social life revolves around your gym/workout schedule.
  7. You have deleted Facebook friends simply bc they don’t understand what the big deal about your workout/eating habits are
  8. You have been “talked to” about your “priorities”
  9. You have been told to stop talking about working out so damn much.
  10. You didn’t comply.
  11. It’s so frustrating when you are out and about and no one asks you where anything is (bc the elephants are *dramatic gesture* “that way”)
  12. Management denied my request for new uniforms when given the reason for needing them “to show off these GUNS”
  13. The vets respond negatively to your requests to check out these SICK PYTHONS
  14. You have been late for work more than once so you can finish your WOD
  15. You only needed $40 out of the atm but since you stopped by the bank right after an arm workout, you couldn’t control your shaking hand and ended up with $60
  16. Stairs defeat you after leg day
  17. Doors defeat you after arm day
  18. You have no idea why people who may not have seen you in a few months are gawking at you
  19. You get offended when someone calls you “skinny”, even when they mean that as a sincere compliment. “I’m not skinny! I’m FIT”
  20. No one understands how you keep your physique when they see you eat so much damn food
  21. You can’t decide which workout to do, so you end up working out 3 times so you don’t have to choose
  22. When did shaving my armpits become so difficult?
  23. You get pissed about being sick not bc you’ll miss work, but bc you won’t be able to workout.

What are some of your “woes”? Can you relate to any of mine?

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