Lessons from Winnie

I’m dealing with my cat who is 17 years old and not doing all that well.

Again she’s 17. But I’ve been thinking back to my life with her and I came to the realization how much this feisty feline has taught me over the years.

  1. Do NOT take shit from people. Ever. Even if you tolerate their presence on occasion.
  2. Pick your fights. But when you get in them, do not go half ass.
  3. Stare at blank walls for random periods of time. It’ll make people wonder. Or you can smile. Does the same thing.
  4. be very picky about the company you keep.
  5. when you get old, you can eat whatever the hell you feel like. Until then, take care of your body. Eat right.
  6. do not be impressed with the latest most shiny toys. They usually won’t live up to your expectations anyways.
  7. DO NOT TOUCH THE WHITE PAW! I don’t know what that is a comparison to. I just know I learned early on in Winnie’s life to NOT. TOUCH. The WHITE PAW.
  8. don’t just eat whatever is put in front of you. You deserve to put good food in your body. Expect only the best.
  9. never underestimate the amount of fun one can have with a (shoe)string (budget).
  10. Speak up for yourself
  11. Make deep impressions on people. Deep deep impressions that don’t heal for 5-8 years.
  12. Just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean you should reach out and touch it. That’s an excellent way to get your hand ripped off. And leave deep deep impressions.
  13. Only accept the finer things in life.
  14. Be aloof. It draws people in.
  15. When you look back on your life, be sure to show appreciation for those who matter the most.

Chris says Winnie is just like me. Hardly. I can only hope to live my life like Winnie.

She’s doing a lot better this evening but gave me and Chris quite a scare earlier. At least she’s eating a little better. And she still has some fight left in her. And I think she has a few more lessons in life to share with me.

Love my Winnie-vere.

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