Language of Love

I received homework from Karen, who informed me that doing this profile was not an optional task, but required.

I don’t mind sharing with all of you my results.

So, I’m not sure if I should have done it this way, but I did the test twice. Once as a relationship, and again as a single person, and thought of friends and family versus just my husband. I found the results interesting.

For both, my primary language is “Physical Touch”. At first someone who doesn’t know me very well or someone who does know me but isn’t very close to me might find this odd. Because one of the first things most people discover about me is I DO NOT LIKE BEING TOUCHED! But that’s not actually the case. I love being touched. I CRAVE hugs, pats on the hand or shoulder, or even brushing my hair out of my face . I consider these intimate and loving but very welcome by a SELECT few. You can tell how I feel about someone when you see me engage in physical touch. I like being CLOSE with my friends.

I also found it interesting that “Acts of Service” ranked low in both. I think that has to do with my fierce sense of independence. I do NOT like having things done for me! I ironically will do just about anything for my friends though.

I was surprised where “Receiving Gifts” ranked with my relationship. But then I remembered what kinds of gifts Chris has given me in the past and I know why they are so meaningful. I have several beautiful and touching paintings that Chris has done for me. And there are some gifts he’s given me over then course of our relationship that have become my most prized possessions. He KNOWS me and knows what I cherish. I don’t feel materialistic. Just special! But gifts aren’t important from my friends and family. I don’t actually like them spending money on me, I’d rather do it for them.

So, Karen- when I say I love the shit out of you, the next time I see you, you have been forewarned, I’m going to LOVE the SHIT out of you!!!( although you do derby so I might get tackled back….). Thanks for the assignment.

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