100 Ways of Fitness Day 4

Day 4:
Just keep swimming!
Today I swam. I got my base time for a mile, and I’m pretty satisfied with myself- 37:08.97. That’s a very decent base time and it’s not going to be easy to shave off a lot of time, so I’m going to have to work extra hard if I want to meet my goal.
Swimming is an interesting subject for me. I absolutely love doing it. I sometimes think I’m more at ease and more natural in the water. I jokingly say my middle name isn’t Grace because I’m such a klutz, but in the water it’s a completely different story.
I’ve always been drawn to water. I knew as early as five years old I was going to work with marine mammals. I became a swimmer and I was damn good!
So why don’t I swim more often? I give myself the excuse it takes so long- to get ready and afterward to get dressed again. And sharing lanes is not my forte. But the real reason is so much dumber. My subconscious doesn’t like remembering how good I used to be and how natural it is for me to be in the water because I don’t have those things. I quit swimming in high school and I regret it almost every time I enter the water. I could have gone to the Olympics. I don’t swim with dolphins or belugas anymore. I haven’t dove in over six years.
These things do race throughs mind when I’m swimming. I won’t lie. But today I pushed through the negativity, finished my mile, and felt good. As soon as I got home I filled out a volunteer form for Seattle Aquarium. Chris proved he was the love of my life by getting my refresher for scuba diving course taken care of for my birthday. And I swam a mile in under 40 minutes. This is bliss. This is my happy place. My subconscious can suck a big fat one because I love being in the water. I’m going to start diving again and I’m going to be around marine life again, even if it’s just as a volunteer.
All I need to do is just keep swimming!