Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

A few years ago I watched Groundhog Day and had an epiphany. It never actually sticks, but I am reminded every year of my lesson from the classic movie (don’t tell me you havent seen it- it IS a classic), and especially with this challenge, I wanted to share it with you and get some of your thoughts.

Bill Murray had to relive his day over and over until he got it “right”. At some point, he starts just doing things he’s always wanted to try, but he never had time, or never got around to it, and that’s when we start seeing a change in his character. He starts living his day to be the best because he’s going to have to live it over and over.

Every year on Groundhog Day, I commit to living each day like I’m going to have to relive it over and over again. I make the promise to make that day the best possible. It stays with me for about a week or two, and then it falters, but I’ve been thinking, with this challenge, I’m trying to do something each day to better my life as a whole, so why DOES Groundhog Day have to end? Heck, why does 100 Ways have to end? What if I do something each day that I will be grateful for for the rest of my life? How awesome would that be?

That being said, what would you do today if you knew you’d have to relive it over and over again?

And I know the photo doesn’t exactly work with the theme, but it’s just hilarious and wanted to share.
Happy Groundhog Day!