Yoga: 1 PJ: 0

Today I got a 10 class pass to Hot Yoga Inc for $10. It was too cheap to pass up. To start off my one month of yoga, I decided to do their Yin yoga class, which was their supposedly “easiest” class as it consisted of stretching and the heat off.

It still sucked. First, I thought it was an hour, it was actually 90 minutes. And the stretches weren’t that difficult, it was the holding of each stretch for a VERY long time that nearly killed me.

I love pigeon pose (or swan as they called it this class). But holding pigeon for FIVE minutes EACH leg?? Kill me.

And even with the heat turned off it was uncomfortably warm.

But I am committing to this for a month. So when they asked how was it after class, I told them honestly “it was horrible. See you tomorrow”

I truly truly hope this gets easier and by the end of the month I’m holding pigeon for ten minutes and enjoying every minute of it.

Yoga, you may have won this particular battle, but you will not win the war!