100 Ways of Fitness Day 1

Day 1:
Today, being the first day of the year, of the challenge, and everything, I decided to chart some progress in my workout exercises. Crossfit boxes often have a whiteboard to mark high scores and achievements by their members, so I decided to take some time out off evening to see where I stand on some of the more popular movements.
Here are my scores for today. I’m not judging myself on any of these, even if I had hoped I would have done better in some of them. This is strictly preliminary so as I try these out later on, I should see improvement.
500 m row- 1:57
One minute sit-ups: 37
One minute squats: 40
One minute push-ups: 25
Box jump height: 25 inches
Plank hold: 57 seconds
100 burpees for time- 9:48

Can’t wait to see my scores improve along the way!