100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 7: Taking my own advice

I am feeling incredibly down in the dumps.  I mean, lower than normal.  I’ve been tracking my weight for the last week or so and I have actually returned to my weight when I first got into fitness.  Since this summer, I have gained 25 pounds.  I don’t know exactly how.  Except for all those little things.  I’m not working out with a trainer, I have no buddies to help keep me accountable.  I’m not tracking my food intake as intently as before.  I slip while in the kitchen and binge snack.  Sure, it might not be unhealthy snacks, but it’s still putting me way over my calories each day.  But the big kicker is the working out.  I just don’t have the motivation to get out there right now.2fab40f2a9cd092780a6f84b6c99a45d

Last week while going to the Edge, I thought I was getting my motivation back, slowly, but surely.   I mean, how else can you explain that I went to a spin class while Chris was at his open studio on our third day of our trial?  But this weekend has slumped me right back into no motivation, no inspiration, and I’m getting a little worried.  How am I supposed to dispense advice and write inspiring articles if I am not inspired, motivated, or behaving in a positive manner myself?610x246xif-you-talked-to-your-friends-the-way-you-talk-to-your-body-quote-610.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ks2PrGaO0f

And then it hit me.  I can be inspiring and motivating by living as an example of my program.  You know, this also reminds me of my personal training program, too.  The Stages of Change Model actually show exactly what most of us go through when we are ready to make major changes and really commit to a change in our lifestyle.  First there is Precontemplation, the Contemplation.  And after we’ve thought about thinking about it and then ACTUALLY thinking about it, we’ve started to prepare and take action.  After action takes hold, we can maintain the changes.  I think I’ve been stuck in Contemplation stage.  And I should practice what I preach, and recognize that major changes aren’t going to happen overnight.  For these changes to take hold, they MUST go slowly.

This week, I’m preparing myself.  I’m making stricter and healthier meal plans for me.  My grocery shopping is focused on getting the healthier food options, and not just the “sale” or “cheaper” items.  I’ve written up my meal plan for the week. meal plan And I’m incorporating my Zookeepers Keeping Fit Cards.  I’m going to start a week long trial membership to a gym on Monday.  It’s one that’s pretty far away, but it’s also a 24 hour gym, so knowing I want to get my Cardio card “punched”, I will drag myself out there this week.  reward card

Yes, I’m using negative terminology right now.  I’m working on that too.  I guess I’m feeling sorry for myself seeing how my “positive can-do” attitude hasn’t helped me, at least so it seems.  I need to pull myself up and DO THIS!  One small step at a time.  So, one of my punch cards is to do something each day worth writing a motivational and inspirational post. reward cards

I’ll get myself turned right side up again.  Slowly but surely the EarthFit Goddess will arise.  I need to start with my own being.  And tear down that old pitiful me that has built up recently.

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