100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 98: Why I’m Here

The last few weeks I feel I’ve drifted a bit away from the physical aspects of EarthFit and have been focused on the mental/psychological aspects of our health and well-being. There’s nothing wrong with that, necessarily, it’s merely an observation.  But it’s an interesting one.  I have found myself seeking out excuses to be alone, take naps, skip workouts, binge snack, and basically revert to old habits of (non)self-care.  

I’m feeling overwhelmed as of late.  Not because I’m overworked- I have no job- but because I can’t figure out what I want to be doing.  It’s time to focus on why I’m here.  Why I’m on Whidbey Island, what my purpose is, what is “keeping me going”, where am I deriving energy?  And I have some things figured out, but it includes letting go of some things I’m not sure I want to let go of.  But they aren’t supporting “Why I’m Here”, at least not in the terms of what I need.

Here comes another list:  What I need to focus on right now-

  1. My writing- My writing, my writing, my writing.  Blog posts are good and all, but they aren’t why I’m here.  I did not come to this island to write a blog.  I came here to write my books.  I have three books I want to focus on now, with admitted focus divided pretty evenly among two specifically.  But how much do I actually work on them?  Not a whole lot.  Because I focus on my blog, and other non-related projects.
  2. Networking and working with other writers- this includes meeting with writers, attending critique groups, book events, classes, meetings, going out with writers, BEING with writers, whatever.  I need more writers in my life.
  3. Zookeeper Fitness Presentation/Workshop- this needs to be a priority because it means a lot to me.  It means a lot to me because it has potential to get around 75-100 people in my field and community behind my projects and support me when my books do come out.
  4. WRITING assignments-  Ask me to research some fitness supplement and write about it?  OMG!  YES!  Ask me to refine my blog posts to fit a more general audience?  Abso-friggin-lutely!  Ask me to create a presentation for a workshop?  No problem,  I’m on it.  I’ll even volunteer to write up an article for a professional journal about a subject of your choice.  But I need to focus on writing assignments, and not running errands.

My top three places I want and feel I SHOULD be focusing my energy on:

  1.  Writers on Whidbey Island
  2. Toastmasters
  3. AAZK

This doesn’t mean I can’t have extra-curricular activities, or that I can’t do my outdoor bootcamps, or visit with friends.  But I do need to work on my priorities.  I need to remember why I’m here.

Thank you to the Sensitive Workshop and AfterWIWA/WOWI meeting for helping give me some direction, and reminding me to take care of myself, use my gifts so they are a blessing and not a curse, and to allow myself to be me.

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