100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 13: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

There is nothing on earth more frustrating than when things don’t go as planned.  Take today.  I planned on going to this job fair and finding the perfect job.  And then I’d go to the grocery store and get all my things for dinners and lunches for this coming week.  After that, Chris and I would go to the Zoo Club for our workout.  And then I’d make dinner, watch one of my webinars and have dozens of topics to discuss for my blog post.

But so very little actually happened the way I envisioned.  The job fair was pretty much the representatives giving me a sheet of paper that showed the exact job openings on their website.  So, I didn’t speak with anyone directly, but instead went home and applied for the jobs I thought I would be qualified or interested in doing.  There is an Environmental Education Instructor at the Nature Park that seems up my alley.  But it’s seasonal, and I’m afraid it’s full-time seasonal,  which is a little more than I’m wanting to work currently.

I did find some killer deals on Quorn chicken products while grocery shopping.  Quorn is a vegetarian protein product, and I’ve used the chicken fillets before, so that was a great find.  But I forgot a few other items on my list and ended up having to go back to the store to make sure I had everything for dinner.

Our workout was most disappointing.  We headed over to Zoo at 4:00.  While the gym is 24 hours for members, our 7-day pass was only for staffed hours.  And what we didn’t realize was on Saturdays, the staff hours were only 10 am- 2 pm.  Nuts!  With the rain and slight cold, we weren’t able to go to our regular park, and things didn’t go as planned to work arms/chest/back .  To make matters worse, it’s completely unstaffed on Sundays, so we are now done with our pass to Zoo, and we don’t have anywhere in mind to workout for Valentine’s Day.  I’m going to have to put on my thinking cap and figure something out….

To top my evening off, I watched a webinar about time-management in regards to finding time to fit behavioral husbandry (training and enrichment) into zookeepers’ busy days.  I was intrigued by the idea of the webinar because it could potentially fit very well into my Zookeeper Fitness book, to explore how zookeepers find time to keep their animals healthy and active, and demonstrate how anyone can find time to take care of themselves for fitness.  But the webinar went nothing like I anticipated, and while I don’t feel it was a complete waste of an hour, I definitely feel I could have spent that time doing something more worth while, like, say, loving on my cats, or reading my Uncommon Field Guide book for the Book Club.

Setbacks and disappointments are going to happen.  Such is life.  How you handle yourself is the important key.  I didn’t do a workout today, but I can finish my glute exercises.  I don’t need a gym for those.  I can even read my book while doing my glute exercises.

I don’t need a gym to perform the workout I would like to try for Valentine’s Day.  I just need space.  So, if Chris and I have options, we will get a V-Day workout and we will LOVE it!!!  And I downloaded at least 20 webinars, so even though this one didn’t meet my expectations, I’m sure I’ll watch at least a couple that will have relevance to me in my situation.  Tomorrow is another day to be completely awesome!

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